We can finish our produced woods according to your wishes almost any way you like.

For this purpose, we have various state-of-the-art facilities at our disposal:

  • High-performance drying chambers for technical drying and heat treatment according to ISPM-15.
  • Planing systems to level wood, plane it to size and give it the desired profile.
  • A large-scale pressure impregnation plant to force high-quality wood preservatives deep into the wood.
  • Bath impregnation for blue-stain protection treatment.

Of course, we can also custom label and package the products.
Our range of services is constantly growing. Feel free to inquire.


In our drying chambers, the produced sawn timber can be heat-treated as well as technically dried in our factory. The European Parliament's directive stipulates that when timber is imported, native forest stands must be protected against pests and micro-organisms that have been introduced. At your request, we will treat the wood according to the IPPC standard. After treatment, we apply markings such as stamps or imprints to the wood on request as proof of treatment. We also provide you with the treatment protocols as proof.


Wood is often used as a natural product in decorative and load-bearing functions in outdoor areas and gardens. To ensure that the products can be enjoyed for a long time, the woods are pressure impregnated to make them even more resistant to moisture, fungal and insect attack. Our modern vacuum pressure impregnation plant protects garden wood like no other technology. In contrast to a superficial primer, the wood preservative penetrates deep into the wood and thus improves the weather resistance in outdoor areas. Our plant is sized in such a way that even large quantities of impregnated wood can be efficiently produced in high quality. The closed process ensures that excess solvent is 100% recycled. The sustainable use of resources is very important to us, just as it is with round wood. The treatment is KOMO-certified. Thus, the quality of the treated product is guaranteed and the process is carried out in an environmentally friendly way.


For us, customer orientation means doing everything possible to implement your individual ideas. Production and service comes from a single source. That is what inspires our customers. This includes packaging, sorting, stacking and labelling your product the way you want it. Using an anti-blue stain treatment in our dipping tank, we can also protect your sawn timber in the best possible way against infestation by blue stain fungi. Our service portfolio is growing continuously - so feel free to contact us with your wishes!